joi, 8 septembrie 2011

the Ciucas mountains

Although not a very high mountain, its highest peak being 1957 meters, the Ciucas mountain is a very picturesque place.

Four natural reserves are located on this area. A wide range of wildlife can be found here. Here are the most important: bear, fox, deer, wild boar, wild cat, marten, squirrel, chamoix, nightingale, finch, rock butterfly, hawk, eagle, golden eagle, the common viper and the small mountain lizard.

  Many of the rocks have different names as "Goliat" for example or "the old lady", as time, water and wind shaped them into many interesting shapes. I'm sure anyone can find resemblances to different things as soon as they give them an attentive look.


you can find a few more pictures from the Ciucas mountains here

photos done with nikon D90 body,  nikon 18-200 lens and Kenko circular polarizing filter.

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