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the natural reserve from Reci

The natural Reserve from 'Reci' is a botanical reserve with an area of ​​about 84 acres, located in the Black River valley in Covasna County. It was established as a reserve of botanical interest in 1962 and is an eutrophic marsh complex, populated by a number of rare, glacial relics such as the dwarf birch, the fern and the wild angelica. The approximate altitude is 520 meters. It is the largest reserve in Covasna county, geologically complex by nature, flora and fauna. This environment is also the habitat of the blue marsh frog whose southern limit is this reserve. It also includes a bancsian pine plantation, a rare pine species that adapts to barren land.

The Reserve is very beautiful, especially in birch forests of various sizes and lakes where wild lilies are not an exception. It is also the meeting place and the last stop of the flocks of storks before taking off to the warm countries. The soil is very sandy, the whole area being formed from silt of the Black River. On the surface we find a thin layer of earth (only a few centimeters). If you dig deeper you will only find sand. Between mounds of sand we find around 100 small lakes, but most are attacked and conquered by swamp vegetation.

The Reserve is not very protected, because the villages around have little pasture. The territory was divided between the surrounding villages, so that there is a 'Reci' reserve, but also a 'Comolău' one and a 'Santion' one, depending on the names of the different villages. Unfortunately the reserve is situated so that it is easy to reach it by car and people drive their cars right into the reseve, camp and light fires for the typical barbecue ...

In 2003, the natural environment of 'Reci' has been the location for some scenes of the movie 'Cold Mountain' starring Nicole Kiddman and Jude Law.

The Environmental Protection Agency is working on a management plan which aims to raise funds for this reserve. Informational boards are to be located all around the reserve and tourist camping will not be allowed. Thematic routes will be established as there are different areas of restrictions - in some places human intervention shouldn't be allowed. When and where all of this will be done remains to be seen.

The pictures were shot with the nikon D90 body using the 18-105mm and the 18-200mm lens. The two panoramas I stitched together from pictures made with the panasonic FZ20 camera.

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