vineri, 30 septembrie 2011

bucegi mountains - malaiesti valley in winter

located in central Romania, the Bucegi mountains are part of the southern Carpathians. The highest peak of the Bucegi mountains in the Omul peak with 2505 meters (8218 feet). The plateau can be reached by cable car or with the car, which makes it a popular tourist attraction. There the weather and time have shaped some rocks into peculiar shapes which resemble mushrooms or the head of the sphinx.

The Malaiesti valley is situated on the north-eastern part of the mountain range. It is only accessible by foot and in winter you will have to take the longer access path as the shorter one is too dangerous.
In the Malaiesti valley you can find accommodation at the Malaiesti Chalet. There you can also have something to eat. From this chalet you can take various trips and you can reach the peak in about 2,5 hours (it can take longer in winter).

It is not uncommon to meet bears in these mountains, so it might be a good idea to travel in larger groups and make some noise if you find yourself here in any other season than winter.

All the pictures from this post are shot with the nikon D90 body and the nikon 18-105mm lens.

view from the access road to the Malaiesti Valley

the last rays of the sun cast spectacular colors onto the peaks

the Malaiesti valley in the morning, seen from the entrance to the Malaiesti chalet

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